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How do I know if I need a new mattress?

Warning signs of the need for a new mattress are: loss of comfort, less support, back pain, coils sticking out of the mattress, edge collapse, and excessive wear.
If you've experienced any of the above, it's probably time for a new mattress.



How often should I flip and/or rotate my mattress?

The recommended thing to keep your MATTRESS in good condition is the following:

- Traditional system mattresses. Flip every 3 months and rotate every 3 months

- Mattresses with No Turn system. Rotate every 3 months


What is the single sided construction, no turn system?

Many of today's mattresses are constructed with a single sleeping surface.
This move toward single-sided construction has given manufacturers greater ability to build more comfortable, supportive, and longer-lasting mattresses. In addition, it eliminates the difficult task of turning the mattress. It is recommended to regularly rotate a single-sided mattress to refresh the comfort layers.

What are the different mattress sizes? What size is right for me?

Individual: Children's room or specific individual use
1.00 x 1.90 meters.

Double: The most popular size in our country, for couples or use for individual use, obtaining a greater comfort space
1.35 x 1.90 meters.

Queen Size: Size for marriage with more comfort space
1.50 x 1.90 meters.

King Size: For couples who want more space and who have larger spaces in the room. The ideal and most common size in Hospitality
1.90 x 2.00 meters

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